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Leadership Development Program

The Leadership Development Programme (LDP) Ensures Operational Excellence


  • Leaders determine the direction and set the example.
  • Effective leaders are change-fit and develop change-fit teams.
  • To manage diversity effectively demands a culture that supports integration and suitably skilled and motivated leaders.
  • Operational excellence is a critical success factor.
  • People provide a sustainable competitive edge, and people who are committed life-long learners create sustainable capacity to compete

LDP consists of important fundamentals. Assessment is the first step to:

  • Design and develop relevant programmes for all delegates
  • Measure the effectiveness of delegate’s development needs

This recognized approach is a 360-degree assessment because the process promotes objectivity and participation. This value-add can be incorporated into your performance management system. The assessment process is developmental and involves management and delegates at all levels. In this way, each participant becomes a stakeholder.

This process is cost effective, and creates a comparative performance history, thus providing a basis for a trend analyses.

Philosophy & Principles

The LDP Programme meets individual needs. It is also aligned with business ethics as well as a variety of learning methods to ensure a process-rich experience:

  1. 1. Syndicate work
  2. 2. Individual study
  3. 3. Reading and research
  4. 4. Case studies

The leadership of the organization is involved in the process of programme and content design, as well as ongoing review and evaluation ensuring relevancy to organizational and strategic objectives.

  • A rigorous and high-pressure learning environment is created
  • Action learning is encouraged by incorporating practical, work related team projects
  • Lectures focus on theory, concepts, best practice, and trends, skills and practical applications
  • Input from the Client’s executives, as well as functional experts, greatly enhances the quality and relevance of the programme.

Examples of input include:

  • Reinforcement of values, vision, business purpose and company strategies
  • Sharing principles that govern specific company practices such as recruitment, selection and performance management
  • Company specific processes


  • Supervisors
  • Managers

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