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Our approach to staffing is very different and consequently has very different, positive and lasting results!  We have a database of screened candidates to match to your job profile, company culture and skill set required.  Our rates are very competitive and our turn-around times very quick.  Allow us to work with you in creating a Job Profile for each position and to match the potential employee to your organizational and team culture.  We are very good at doing this. 



Profiling is applied in the business world with great success. Private individuals also use this tool to assist them with career related decisions. In the school environment profiling is beneficial for career choice and development purposes.

Benefits of profiling include being able to discover your and others' behavioural strengths and gaining insight into the value of these strengths. This knowledge and leverage can help you discover how to effectively deal with situations that require conflict management, communication enhancement, increased team effectiveness and leadership and management skills development.

Profiles are also a powerful assessment tools for dealing with diversity issues within a corporate or social culture. It is also useful to determine and learn about communication styles, management styles, stress levels, sales styles, and many more. Profiling is regularly used in corporate training, staff development, sales training, sports coaching, business and executive coaching and as a part of a hiring or promotion processes.

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Psychometric testing

Valid and reliable tests determine specific and exact attributes. These services include, but are not limited to, career choices, selection methods for positions, re-deployment of staff, subject choices, interests, abilities and several personality factors.

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